H.H. (Dr) Moran Mor Ignatius
Aphrem II Karim

H.H. (Dr) Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II Karim is the 123rd Patriarch of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church. God has blessed His Holiness with great educational opportunities to hold several degrees and a doctorate in Theology which shall help him in guiding the Church. His Holiness brief period of secretary-ship to Late Lamented His Holiness Ignatius Zakka 1 Iwas, has served as a great time to come to grips with the affairs of the Universal Church.
Since 1996, HH have served as the Archbishop of Oriental American Archdiocese, and the region has gained immensely from that 18 long years sincere devotion. It is a fact that the region has progressed rapidly during His Holiness reign by constructing several new churches, by reorganizing sacramental practices and other relevant religious rituals. His Holiness initiatived in establishing Syrian Orthodox Archdiocesian Youth Organization (SOAYO) to encourage the youth to come into the main stream of the Church. The numerous Family CounsellingCentres, set up within the Archdiocese to re-unite broken families was also a feather in Your Holiness cap.
His Holiness great erudition and knowledge of several languages including English, Arabic and French besides the official language of the Church, Suriyani, is a great asset to the Church as well as to the Ecumenical movement within the Universal Church. H.H. is fluent in both Classical and Vernacular (Touroyo). In addition to that, His Holiness presence and leadership within the American National Council of the Churches of Christ, World Council of Churches and well accepted in the Oriental Orthodox Churches, goes a long way in fostering relationships between different sections of the Christian Church and in assisting the ecumenical movement. H.H. had a special concern for the youth and working hard to organize the ministry for them. H.H. shown keen interest in publishing spiritual books in Syriac, Arabic & Malayalam. H.H. got a chance to visit and spend lot of time in Malankara, results to build up a strong relation with the MalankaraJacobiteSyriac Orthodox Church.



  • address : Princehouse, Adichanallor, P.OAdichanallor, Kollam
  • Born :12 May 1990
  • Home Parish:St.George JSO Church,Adichanalloor
  • Education : Dharmajyothividyapeeth Faridabad, Delhi.
  • Theological Education:Bachelour of Divinity.
  • Deacon On : By H.G PathrosMorOsthatheous Metropolitan.
  • Kassiso On :13 Feb 2016 by By H.G Mathews Mor Theodosius Metropolitan.
  • Parishes Served: St.George JSO Church, Koodal, St.GeorgeJSOChurch, Adichanalloor, MorIgnatious JSO Church, Adoor


H. B. AboonMorBaseliose
Thomas I Catholicose

The spiritual head of the Syrian Christians of India, was born in the Cheruvillil family of Vadayambadi, Puthenkuriz to Mathai and Kunjamma on 22nd July 1929. Early part of H.B's life was full of sufferings. Though H.B belonged to an aristocratic family, by the time H.B was born the family had seen bad days. As a child H.B had frequent bouts of illness which affected H.B's education. HB's mother used to take the young boy frequently to the nearby MalecurizDayro where the relics of late Patriarch St. Ignatius Elias III and Saint GregoriosGeevarghese (ParumalaThirumeni) had been interred. One night, as H.B's mother prayed with the young boy on her lap, she had a vision which prompted her to dedicate the boy to the service of the church. Within days, the boy's illness was entirely cured. God was with him, guiding him and shaping him.


H.G.Mor Osthatheos Ishaq

  • Born : 17th January 1976
  • Home Parish : St.Stephen's JSO Church,Koothattukulam
  • Korooyo : 13th May 1993 (Ordinated by Late lamented MorOsthatheos Thomas Metropolitan)
  • Kassisso : 12th November 2006 (Ordinated by late lamented His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka –I Iwas)
  • Ramban : 02nd January 2010 (Ordinated by Catholicos HB Baselios Thomas 1)
  • Metropolitan : 04th January 2010 (Ordinated by Catholicos HB Baselios Thomas I )
  • Current Resposibilities :
  • 1. Metropolitan of Mylapore Diocese in Tamil Nadu.

    2. Metropolitan of U.A.E.